Well, I sure know how to keep my word, so much for coming back to blogging. I had my best intentions and hopes for the month of April, but it wasn't what I hoped for, but I got to work with what life brings. April was a challenge, stressful, overwhelming, and blessed; a combination of everything. I am glad it happened, but I am beyond happy it is over. Today, I am here to tell you all about the mess of the month that was April! 

            sometimes the quiet ones are yelling on the inside - c. f. 


The month had a chance to I felt motivated, inspired and was excited to be creative again but boy did that end. It wasn't that I didn't want to do anything, it was more as that all my energy was sucked out of me from school work, my brain couldn't think of being creative besides sleep. It frustrating but all I knew is I had to keep going, and soon everything will end. End it did! I am now officially done with school and all the stress and mess of this semester! It is lovely because I enjoyed what I learned and worked on, but the mind and body can only handle so much before it is telling you it can go on. I couldn't be happier that it is all over!

Besides all the stress, April was full of little blessings that helped me survive what was going on. One of them was Easter, the whole week leading up to it was filled with so much excitement and love that made Easter that much more special. I also would have gotten through this month with the love and support of my prayer group, the dew hours with them were not a distraction but uplifting need.  It was also my birthday! I turned 22, I have no idea where the time went and how I am this old but it happened, I am 22. There were no big celebrations just intimate dinner with my loved ones that made it all much more special. Another special thing that happens was that one of my favorite humans and inspirations released his second book. Connor Franta's Note To Self was absolutely beautiful! I could wait for my physical copy to arrive I got it on Audible and listen to it non-stop. There are so many things I want to say about it, that I will be making a post on in this month so look out for that!

After April, my mind, soul, and body are ready to relax! So excited to finally be able to enjoy my time doing things I love for no particular reason. I will be leaving in about two weeks to Europe, and I could be more excited. I remember a teacher of mine telling me "the reward is at the end," his way of saying hard work pays off. I am living this, and it couldn't be more right. Adventure awaits!

Online Favorites

I sadly wasn't online as much as I would have liked but these are some of my favorites I hope you also enjoy!

I have no idea with this month holds, I am excited and looking forwards to whatever it brings. It is good to be free and know that adventure awaits. I hope you follow my journey on whatever beautiful mess life brings this May. 

How was your April? Anything exciting coming this month?

Lots of love,