In the past I knew that anxiety was a thing, I knew people who had it throughout my lifetime but to be it was something so extreme I never associated myself with it. Ironically, I am a Psychology major, but to me, it was about helping the people who dealt with mental illnesses of such. Learning more & listening to others go more into detail of what anxiety allowed me to realize that it was exactly what I had but like all things it works differently for everyone, for me, it happens to be social anxiety.

Being an introvert, my social anxiety seems to make sense & my claustrophobia doesn't help it either. I thought that all this was overall normal, There are much more thing & times were my anxiety was very much present, but I wasn't aware of it until now. I thought to live that way was how it was supposed to & I so used to it that even if I disliked it, I didn't know that it was something that can be treated.

During that semester break was one of the best things that I ever did. I learned so much about myself & in such short amount of time I was able to grow as a person. I still have days where it comes back, but I am able to know what to do & know that it's okay & I will be okay. I don't have a severe case of social anxiety, but I still have it, & this is what it feels like to me. I know that this post is a bit personal, but I hope that it can bring awareness for mental health.

Nicole Marie
Marc Lamberts
The Buddy Project

What is your story? Do you know someone with mental illness? How do you create awareness for mental health? Is mental health important to you?