Dear 15-Year-old me,

Happy Birthday, love!

As I write to you, there are many things I want to say, but I would like to start by saying thank you, for making me who I am today. I know how anxious the future makes you but even if you would have known half the things I going to tell you, know that we became better from them and that they will definitely be worth it to get to the place we are now. 

You have just turned fifteen, life is good. You are full of dreams and wonders, yet your fear is much stronger than all of them combined. You work hard and pour your heart for what you love, you are leading without knowing being an instrument in the hands from above. You are surrounded by two groups of people, those who fill you with love and those who are beginning to toxify your life, you are loyal to both as your heart can't hurt either. 

Enjoy this year, as much as you can for sixteen will come and the storm will commence.

The people you hold dear, the ones you thought were your friends will soon begin to vanish leaving heartbreak. That boy you have trusted your heart with will leave your life with no explanation, the worse part of this is that you see him every day for the next couple of years living as if you two never met. It hurts, and you feel lost for this boy was not a crush but what you though a best friend was. To make matters worse, the girls who surround you mock you and when you overhear their words stab you. The storm is pouring with all its might that you lose power on who you truly are. 

You are left vulnerable, yet you are never alone, how much would I'd give for you to appreciate those loving people who held you together and build you back up. 

I know it must be terrifying to hear this, but it is also good to hear that the storm will pass. 

It is not immediate, you lost much of yourself to that storm but when the sun starts to rise you gained so much more of yourself and started becoming who we are. 

You have learned, you have challenged yourself, you have come a long way. You find passions, hobbies, dreams and adventure, you crave life and are willing to do anything to explore it.  

We have done things, you could have only imagined in your wildest dreams. 

Keep it together, I am proud of you, I am happy for you, I love you! 

I wouldn't change anything, I wouldn't change you, I wouldn't be anyone without you. 

Love yourself, take care of yourself!