I have never been good at math, which maybe there is a reason why I have trouble relating to numbers, yet numbers are everywhere.  We see them online everywhere the clicks, the views, the subscriptions, the likes, the comments, the followers, the replies, they are everywhere. What is so important about numbers? Not only are numbers online but they are a part of our daily lives too, age, grades, money, weight. What does it all mean? Do numbers really matter?

We don't need to be captivated by comparison if we are captivated with purpose - B. G.

In life from when we are little, we are thought that the higher the grade the better, the more money the better, a certain size is better, certain height is better learning to live our lives comparing ourselves to numbers. 

As a blogger, numbers are part of the thing that come with it. I want to grow to expand my platform, it is natural to want to share your work with the world. Numbers can help point out the things I can improve on and what I could focus more on, but numbers could be dangerous. 

A number is just a number, but when you let that number of any shape or form define you as a person it can become a toxic weapon for your life. 

In today's world, it is so easy to let a number define us, and that leads to the constant seek for validation online. Validation is seeking a reassurance of worth from other people. If I don't get enough reads, that means I am boring. If I don't get enough likes on my selfie, I am not pretty.  If I don't have these amount of followers I am not important enough. So we use online platforms to reassure that we are valid whether that is blogging or on social media things that will make us feel that we are worth. I am not saying that feeling good about reaching a certain amount of numbers in whatever is bad, we are allowed to feel proud or even disappointed but being aware that a number doesn't reflect who you are as a person.  

It works both ways not feeling enough or letting numbers validate superiority above others.

Just as we can use online media to reassure that we are enough, validation can be used to prove that one is better that others. It doesn't sound like a nice thing but if we are really it can happen to everyone and if we get scientifical it is part of survival of the fittest it still doesn't make it right though. As a firm supporter of human equality, the thought of someone thinking they are better just from a number is a sad thing, yet I know somehow subconsciously I've been guilty of these thoughts. That is why I say that seeking validation from numbers is a toxic weapon, that it can harm others, but more importantly you directly.

In the end, I can have 22 million followers but does it really make be a better human being than someone with 10 million, 1 million, 1 thousand, 1 hundred, 10, 1, 0, followers? Is having more reads than you make me better? Is weighing a certain number make me worth more? Is having more or less money give or take away your value?

No. Numbers don't matter when it comes to being human. that is the beauty of life we are all different and wonderful in our own way that numbers don't make a difference because we are all valid just for existing. 

You are a valid limited edition. 

Have fun, be creative, get goals, dream big, do what you love, share, be the number you want to be in anything, being conscient that it doesn't affect your person and you don't need it to be valid. 

Lots of love,